About Us

Sun On Tai Paper Co. Ltd. specialize in manufacturing carton boxes, display towers, gift boxes and custom design corrugated cardboard products for over two decades. Our company has become one of the well-known carton boxes manufacture in China. In 1988, Sun On Tai established the operation plant in Boa An, Shen Zhen to create a quality, quick and professional source to the rapidly demanding market for corrugated business.

With the same principles, Sun On Tai invested in human resources to provide professional services and promptly response. We continuously improve production equipments to ensure complete customer orders with highest quality and fastest fashion. With a high demand on the technical and precise fitting , we provide an environment to train and develop our staffs to resolve any challenge related to corrugated board.

Raw material plays important rules to the finishing of the corrugated board. In order to maintain our corrugated boards the strength and durability consistency, our Linear Kraft paper and Medium paper are selected through out the world. Environmental friendly is a major consideration factor of our company. Must be 100% recyclable.

Our goal is to explore and develop ways which efficiently to produce corrugated board without offset by the quality.

Our Vision On Quality

  • Each product is quality and well-made to ensure the consumers gets the best quality products that leaves our factory.

  • We are confident in our product and quality by performed routine lab test.

  • All of our products are certified envirnoment friendly.

  • Our factory is ISO 9001/9002 compliant, model for quality assurance in design, development, production, and servicing.

How can you offer the quality at such affordable prices?
We have high capacity manufacturing capabilities with years of corrugated board making experience, combined with our stringent quality assurance team, yielding exceptional quality products..

What is your largest printable area?
Our maxmium capacity of printing cardboard and carton box are 1600 x 2800MM.

Can you do die-cuts?
Yes, we have variety of die-cut machines and experience development teams to design samples and die-cut modeling for clients.